KIG Investments  is a company with a transparent, patient, and collaborative approach to the Hospitality industry

About us

Based in Southern California, KIG works closely with investors to identify market opportunities that bring promising returns.  KIG provides sophisticated resources to thriving hospitality markets to enable and accelerate their long-term business success.



KIG will use its 50+ years of industry knowledge to deliver results. 



KIG takes an innovative approach by breaking the traditional molds.  By utilizing technology and  adapting to market trends gives KIG the industry edge. 



KIG believes in constantly growing  our knowledge, our team, our resources, and quality level of service.  This results in growing your Investment.  

Our Core values

People first philosophy


 We have first-hand experience creating, growing and running businesses and appreciate the hard-work and discipline it takes to succeed. Therefore, we focus on our team and provide all the resources necessary for success.




 We do not believe in short-cuts. Long-term business success comes from generating sustainable business models, creating true-value for all stakeholders and from constant focus. We believe in doing the right thing and being transparent, honest and direct. 



We look to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts by working closely with resourceful companies. We promote efficient and effective dialogue around business with our partners by listening and appreciating diverse perspectives. 

Investment OPportunities

Files coming soon.

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